Dozens injured as strong typhoon hits Japawalt disney braceletn

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Powerful typhoon Jebi makes landfall in western Japan, disrupting transports due to strong winds and heavy rain, Sept 4, 2018. [Photo/IC]

TOKYO - Dozens were injured as a strong typhoon made landfall at the Japanese archipelago on Sunday, local media reported.

According to public broadcaster NHK, a woman in her 60s was still missing after being washed away in a drainage pipe in Miyazaki prefecture, southern Kyushu, while some 75 people were reportedly injured due to the typhoon.

Typhoon Trami, the 24th one of this season, made landfall in Wakayama prefecture, western Japan around 8 pm local time (1100 GMT), and was traveling towards the eastern and northern part of the country, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

The typhoon, moving 50 km per hour and with central atmospheric pressure at 950 hectopascals, had winds at a speed of 45 meters per second near its center, with gusts reaching nearly 60 meters per second, said the JMA.

The JMA warned about heavy rainfall, gusty winds and high waves across wide areas of Japan as the typhoon traveled across the country.

Nearly 1,300 flights on Sunday have been cancelled, while the Shinkansen bullet train services between Tokyo, Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima stations and many local railway services in western Japan were suspended due to the typhoon

Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan, which was temporarily crippled by a typhoon earlier in the month, was scheduled to stay closed from 11:00 am Sunday till 6:00 am Monday, the airport said.

As of 8:30 pm local time (1130 GMT), more than 4.3 million people across Japan had been ordered or advised to evacuate.

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