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JAKARTA -- Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that the government would provide bonuses for gold medalists in the upcoming Asian Para Games of equal amount to those received by athletes in the main competition.

The president"s statement was conveyed during his recent visit to the sports training center for athletes with disabilities assigned to vie in the 2018 Asian Para Games.

"The bonus is the same, there will be no differences," the president said on Saturday in the facility located in Central Java city of Sukoharjo.

A single player gold medalist earned 1.5 billion rupiah ($101,200), while rewards for doubles and team players were set at 1 billion rupiah (around $67,400) and 900 million rupiah (about $60,700) for each player in a respective group.

During his visit to the facility, President Widodo said he expected that 4 gold medals could be earned by national para games athletes in badminton, and 2 more gold medals from table tennis.

"I expect them to get huge success like our athletes in the Asiad. We already set a target to get 16 gold medals. Hopefully it can be more than that," he added.

Indonesia earned 31 gold, 24 silver and 43 bronze medals in the 2018 Asian Games, placing it fourth after China, Japan and South Korea in the Asiad medal tally.

Indonesia came out on top of the 2017 South East Asian Para Games held in Malaysia last year, earning the most medals from the entire 11 nations taking part in the regional sports event. Southeast Asia"s largest country earned 126 gold, 75 silver and 50 bronze in the event.

Slated from October 6 to 13, the 2018 Asian Para Games, themed "The Inspiring Spirit and Energy of Asia," will draw at least 2,800 athletes from 43 countries and regions.

The event held in Jakarta incorporates 18 sports, including archery, wheelchair basketball, lawn bowls, athletics, badminton, shooting, table tennis, swimming, chess and judo.

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